The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution in 20 Questions by Harun Yahya

The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution in 20 Questions

By Harun Yahya

  • Release Date: 2003-07-11
  • Genre: Life Sciences
Score: 2
From 30 Ratings
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The Theory of Evolution has been around for 150 years, and has had a great influence on the way people look at the world. This book considers the invalidity of the theory of evolution at a lay level. Evolutionists’ claims on certain matters are responded to with questions that are frequently asked, the meanings of which are not often understood. The answers provided in this book can be found in more scientific detail in other Harun Yahya books such as The Evolution Deceit, and Darwinism Refuted.


  • Anything lower than 1 star.

    By PromeeseZ
    Can't even buy the book because the sample is just awful! Entire thesis of the first chapter are just lies, nothing but lies, and also A HUGE AMOUNT of vague statements. Deluded writer.
  • Awful

    By LakshimiTS
    Poorly written
  • Great book

    By Hamdi Ashour @
    Great book by a great author
  • Informative & logical

    By Abdo Zozo
    What a great author who understands his topic and refute long-believed concepts adopted by the West.
  • Same old

    By soehnx
    I would say that the basic argument of the book resorts to an old, repeated logical fallacy: false dichotomy. It is an either/or fallacy where by trying to discredit one viewpoint or theory in this case, instantly lends support to the supposed only other theoretical alternative. So by trying to use fallacious evolutionary arguments, the author thinks this then automatically bolsters his creationist viewpoint. I noticed that all creationist diatribes against evolution (or is it natural selection), when failing to butcher or misconstrue the available evidence supporting evolution, resort to almost every type of logical fallacy known. Here's a quick list I gathered from reading just the sample: Excluded middle - false dichotomy Straw man argument Ad homenim Baseless assertions Slippery slope Non sequitur Burden of proof Argument From Adverse Consequences (Appeal To Fear, Scare Tactics) Argument from age Argument by emotive language Stolen concept Argument from authority Argument as an authority Appeal to anonymous authority Causal reductionism Complex question Argument by pigheadedness Argument by half truth Argument by selective reading Argument by generalization Error of fact Argument from personal astonishment Pious fraud Outdated information Moving the goalposts Appeal to complexity Appeal to common sense Quote mining and quotes out of context